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Alphabet Animals

“A feast for the eyes.” –Publishers Weekly

“An elegant collection of reproductions of animals, A to Z. They are all well reproduced. The short poems... are reminiscent of Ogden Nash’s lighthearted verses for Carnival of the Animals and all succeed in picking up some property or characteristic of the animal and shaping it into a linguistic smile-provoker. Sullivan writes simply, engaging readers’ imaginations and capturing objects in fresh and pleasurable ways.” –School Library Journal

Alphabet Animals is as good as Mr. Sullivan’s Numbers at Play, which is marvelous!” –The Kobrin Letter

“A wonderful way to introduce youngsters to artists and photographers.” –Boston Herald

“How can your children spare the time to watch ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ when a book like this exists?” –Kansas City Star

“Frequent browsing trips through its pages could serve as initial steps in building a lifetime of art appreciation and recognition. The short verses make ideal patterns for creative poetry writing. Furthermore, children may wish to write to the author in response to his invitation to express their opinions about the book.” –Texas Phi Beta Kappa Review of Children’s Books

“Twenty-six glorious works of art, distinguished by their appeal for children, excellent reproduction, and variety--a lion from a Japanese photographer, Calder's folded kangaroo, an ancient Iranian ibex in bronze, an abstract-expressionist whale, a romantic tiger by Delacroix, a Warhol rhinoceros. For each, Sullivan adds a few lines of mildly whimsical verse, unpretentious but pleasant, nicely meeting his intention of varying ‘mood, rhythm, rhyme, and sentence structure, so that young readers can begin to enjoy the different shadings and tones of poems.’ A splendid way to introduce fine art--or the alphabet.” –Kirkus Reviews