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Alphabet Animals (Poems for Children. Rizzoli "Adventures in Art")

Charles Sullivan’s poems for young children, with animals depicted by leading artists. “A splendid way to introduce fine art -- or the alphabet.”
Kirkus Reviews

See R for example: ‘If a cross rhinoceros decides to follow me, I think I’ll follow him instead, or climb the nearest tree.’ This is paired with Andy Warhol’s rhino painting in psychedelic colors.

America in Poetry: With Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, and Other Works of Art

A selection of the Literary Guild Book Club. “A powerful, varied collection of classic and contemporary poems.” Booklist

“Original, imaginative choices of poetry and art.” Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

“An unusual chronological history of the American spirit.” Boston Herald


American Beauties: Women in Literature and Art

Published in conjunction with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Art. Dozens of bright literary gems intermingled with visual imagery from colonial times to the present.

“A breathtaking book featuring women as depicted by such artists as Georgia O’Keeffe and Romare Bearden... makes a magnificent tribute to the female sex.” Elle

American Folk: Classic Tales Retold. Illustrated by Warren Infield

"60 folk tales from various regions of our country and periods of our history. Some are invented, some are embroidered on historical figures and incidents, on good guys (and gals) like Davy Crockett, Paul Bunyan, Pocahontas, and the unsinkable Molly Brown, or on bad guys like Billy the Kid and Jesse James, along with Rip Van Winkle, Johnny Appleseed, and Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Fox." -Boston Globe "Best Gift Books"

“Since many folk tales are anonymous and ever-changing, Charles Sullivan has done the retelling of what he calls the most interesting American tales. . . . Sullivan writes with a relaxed, modern tone (‘easy come, easy go,’ as Jesse James used to say) but never slangy. Although he skillfully slips in details of history and geography, he also conveys a sense of spirit and energy.” New York Times

Children of Promise: African-American Literature and Art for Young People

“The work of more than 60 writers, poets, painters, photographers and historical figures forms this richly diverse and well-chosen introduction to African-American culture.”
Publishers Weekly

“A stunning collection.”
The Horn Book

Circus (Poems for Children. Rizzoli “Adventures in Art”)

More poems for young children, with paintings, drawings, and photographs of the circus. “Sullivan has another winner.” –Round Rock, Texas, Independent School District

“His simple verses radiate his excitement over the mystery and thrills of the big top and provide a fitting complement to the artwork.” School Library Journal

“A book to enjoy on many levels.” –Monterey Peninsula Unified School District


Cowboys (Poems for Children. Rizzoli “Adventures in Art”)

Young children will enjoy this high-spirited introduction to poetry, art, and the wide open spaces of our country. “Cowboys, cowgirls, horses, cattle and outlaws kick up their heels in artwork from some of the great artists of the West, such as Frederic Remington. Sullivan’s accompanying poems add an irresistible dash of the Old West grit and wit.” Kansas City Star

Dancing in the Wind: Poetry and Art of the British Isles

Sullivan dedicated this book (his 10th for Abrams) “to Paul Gottlieb my publisher, but more important my friend for fifty years.” The conflicting yet compatible cultures of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are vividly represented by outstanding writers and artists, from Blake to Yeats, from Bacon to Whistler. “This looks like a winner to me.” (P.)

Fathers and Children: In Literature and Art

“A delightful compendium of artwork, poetry, and literary excerpts... offer varying perspectives on the father-child relationship.” Washingtonian

“It should be passed down from generation to generation to absorb history and to understand the lives of the outstanding artists and writers.” –Winter Park, FL, News Chief

Here Is My Kingdom: Hispanic-American Literature and Art for Young People

Here Is My Kingdom is a vital and colorful collection, the first of its kind, illuminating the Hispanic-American experience. To capture the spirit, vitality, and diversity of this heritage, the book covers a broad spectrum of cultures and origins, and spans history from Christopher Columbus to César Chávez.

Imaginary Animals: Poetry and Art for Young People

One of the Best Books of the Year for Young Adults American Library Association

“The illustrations are unusually varied, ranging from paintings by Berthe Morisot and Winslow Homer to photographs of a Trojan Horse vase from ancient Greece, Henry Moore's sculpture Sheep Piece, Salvador Dali's Lobster Telephone, the gargoyles of Notre Dame, and Bigfoot.” Publishers Weekly

“This is excellent, challenging material for middle-grade and older children and adults. It is a trove of literature written to be read silently or aloud.” New York Times

“Lovely.” –Kirkus Reviews

Imaginary Gardens: American Poetry and Art for Young People

“Charles Sullivan’s brilliant selection of American poetry and art.”
Publishers Weekly

“A wide-ranging and especially lovely introduction to the works of a great number of American poets and artists.”
Miami Herald

The Lover’s Companion: Art and Poetry of Desire (with Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer)

“Two experts in the fields of psychology, art and sex have teamed up to put together this layered, pleasantly gossipy book. Sullivan, a social psychologist who has edited 10 literature and art anthologies, redacts the writings of the famed Dr. Ruth Westheimer, sex therapist.” Publishers Weekly

Selections include Ginsberg with Hockney, Donne with Lichtenstein, Sullivan with Picasso, Duffy with Matisse. Each unconventional match exposes new, surprising aspects of both partners. Dr. Ruth comments on these nuances—and the ways in which they can touch readers. For adults only.

Ireland in Poetry: With Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, and Other Works of Art

“A beautifully designed volume... that will draw you in and make you browse and stay.” Booklist

“A vivid, balanced view of the Irish experience.” Chicago Sun-Times

“I like this book very much. My brothers Jack and Bob would have liked it too.” –Senator Edward M. Kennedy

A selection of the Literary Guild.

Loving: Poetry and Art

Chosen by the New York Public Library as one of the year’s best books for teens. “Sullivan here brings his skill to bear upon the most prized emotion... All told, a deeply satisfying selection.” Booklist

Numbers at Play (Poems for Children. Rizzoli “Adventures in Art”)

More of Sullivan’s easy poems for young children, with things to count and numbers to find in real works of art. “My pick for the best in counting books.” Library Talk

“The emphasis isn’t just on math; an appreciation for fine arts is fostered through blending classic illustrations with simple rhymes and counting sequences for maximum effect.” Midwest Book Review